Believe you have it, the word says! 4/11/16

Sometimes we know this inately, children seem to know it very well, until life squeezes it out of them. As we grow older, disappointments & circumstances create an unrealistic belief system that doesnt serve us.

The word of God is pretty clear on the matter. The world may call it ‘law of  attraction’ but the word of God calls it FAITH! It’s the act of believing in order to facilitate the receiving. Its precisely contrary to the “here and now” The right now situation is the result of past beliefs, thoughts and actions; whether good, bad or indifferent.

The bible tells us specifically, that we are to believe that we have already received what we ask for in prayer! This is also a call to humility! Why is that you might ask?! Because the emphasis is on GOD the power of all creation and the author of our existence. He whom we Pray to. He whom sets the world in motion, orders the universe and tells the water where to stop. He knows every thought, every intention, every need. He is benificent; seeking that all would be saved. Loving His creation with unwaivering Grace.

We have been wrongfully taught by looking at our mistakes and the inevitable results of them. We need to take stock in His word and find a way to believe that our requests are heard and perfectly answered. I am reminded of a dream I had years ago. I was inside a massive house, standing there it came into my mind (omg this is My house) it had to be three or four football fields long. Surprisingly, as I looked around and noticed something I wanted to examine further (as my jaw felt like it was hanging to the floor) wherever I glanced with this intention, I was immediately transported forward (in hypermotion). As I began looking around, I started noticing things that I had admired all throughout my life; things that I really liked , things I had lost, even things I had wished for. It was so overwhelming, in the very best way. I never heard a word, but it was spoken into my spirit that this was for me to know that nothing escapes His cognition, everything is noted, located & provided. Wheteher it be here, in the millenium or Eternity to come, everything that God promises us will be fulfilled! What He gives to us, is for our own good. If something isn’t immediately showing up there is a very good reson for it. He has to make sure everything falls into alignment with our overall best interest.

Try this with something that You KNOW God would easily and gladly supply to you, pray for a Gift of the spirit; discernment, faith, wisdom, worship something that He delights in Blessing His children with, believe that its already yours and step into the current of Grace with Faith!

Have a Blessed week.

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