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Thank you Jesus….8/16/16

Thank you Lord for blessing me with the ability to do this for YOU!

Seven years of devotional writing for You, Lord, has now been uploaded here to WordPress! A nice fresh new website, all of the bells and whistles that it truly deserves!  I am so grateful to have been blessed with these abilities; to write, to build websites, to create graphics and weave it all together.

It is amazing and rewarding for me to look back at all You have led me through, as it is only partially documented here. Seven years of obedience, it hardly seems enough but yet it is the most rewarding and cherished time spent on this earth. Being in Your presence, serving You, trusting You, surrendered & being remade by You; I woud not trade this for any earthly treasure.

My life for sure has had it’s challenges, the contrast has been stark at times. You have never left me nor forsaken me. I see with my spiritual eyes that everything happens for a reason. Knowing full well, that if it is bad (it is still the better alternative that could have been) and that, if it is good (it is only a taste of what goodness You desire for me). 

I pray day and night for more wisdom, knowledge, talent and abilities & You so graciously lavish me with more! You alone know the desires of my heart and they are safely entrusted to Your care. I surely believe that to have You is paramount to anything else. All other things would not hold any meaning whatsoever with You being the focus, the grantor and the reason for my happiness.

My prayer is that You are glorified here beyond all measure. My hope is that in some small way, I can show How Mighty and Awesome You are to someone, somewhere who is seeking meaning, direction, or the light at the end of the tunnel.

Lord, I ask for a supernatural blesssing to overthrow and encompass every reader here, Every person who comes to visit, every person why subscribes. That they are immediately touched by the Holy Spirit and that suddenly things begn to flourish in every direction, in such an overflow that is immeasurable, profound and lasting.

In Your Mighty Holy and ineffible name, calling it done in done. Forever grateful I am, AMEN!