We all have Ooops moments 4/30/18

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  Gooooood morning,   As per usual, as I journeyed through this week, several instances of the same type of thing kept occurring. By now, multiples like this catch my attention. Straightway, I go the Lord and ask, “Lord, what is the meaning if this?” “What is the underlying message?”, “What would You have me […]

Spring Cleaning in a whole new way 4/23/18

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Gooooood Morninnnnnnnnng   Today we are going to discuss what is best termed, “Demon Tossing”, ‘cleaning house; as each person is a vessel and designed to be the receptacle of the Holy Spirit. Actually, this is a good practice 24/7 and 365. Especially as you come across new acquaintances, old friends, even family, immediate and […]

A lesson through experience, God fights our Battles! The Kingdom Overrides (TKO)

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A timely message with a powerful reminder We know that the evil one is nervous, pitiful, a nasty, no good, sore loser. Yes, he already lost! His end is ironclad, there is no escape for him. To add insult to injury, he wants to destroy and corrupt as much of Gods creation as he can. […]

Audible and visual interference is no match for Gods anointed 3/26/18

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  Sometimes we are allowed to experience physical representations of actual spiritual lessons and training. The ultimate goal of that is to empower you and quicken you to quickly discerning Gods will, leading to immediate obedience and action. When the storms of life come, they are sometimes swift, unrelenting, disorienting. We have to know where […]

Steps, moves and maneuvers 3/5/18

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  Have you ever been so caught up in a whirlwind that you later realized, wow…I was protected over here in this direction, not even knowing what potential was brewing because you were distracted looking over there?!. That just has to show you how faithful and awesome God really is! This is a definitive time […]

He has always been my friend and now I am His! 2/12/18

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  Truly, God is the best friend I have ever had. But, have I always been a friend to Him?! Sadly no. I am a child of His, a servant, a humbled sinner, saved by Grace who now more than ever desires to be His best friend. I have always prided myself, in this life […]

The Fathers Love 2/5/18

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Life has a funny way of throwing you a curve ball. I spent the last two months in a state of pseudo-numbness. My brothers passing really affected me so greatly. Part of me felt like he was the only one person left to have been witness to all that I have been through, all that […]

What could be blocking your blessings? 1/29/18

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I had been watching a program recently, the topic was about coveting and wanting to take what is not yours. Obviously, this is forbidden. There is a commandment against this. I had spent an hour prior to this, speaking in tongues as I had been studying how doing this would allow me to pray perfectly, […]

In the storm not the rainbow!

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We are instructed to praise Him in the Storm! In the very midst of heartache, troubles and calamity. This is where our alms derive equity and power. Its very easy to give thanks after something has favorably been turned in your direction. God wants to see our faith and our commitment to Him no matter […]

Authority and validation (revisited from 12/19/11)

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Goooood Morninnnnnnnnnnng!     Does the Sun need to be validated in order to shine brightly, isnt its presence enough? .. I recall an occassion some years back; I was conversing with a group of friends and acquaintances, each was sharing valuable insights, stories &; assorted tidbits of information. A particular subject arose that I […]